SEQUENCE OF THE IMMEDIACY OF THE MOMENT / 2016 / Church of St. Anthony the Great, Liberec / Art Week Liberec - 9.9. - 16.9.2016 / Site-specific installation elaborates the relationship of time and film temporality to the environment and the moment of self-reflection. The object, derived from a cinematographic film strip, takes on the parameters of the standard frequency of 24 frames per second. However, the given value for the capture and projection of the picture in relation to the site of the installation loses its validity, because the experienced proportion of time does not correspond to its standard pace. The reflected presence of the moment is dependent on its subjective experience, in which the moment of contemplation and slowing-down of the reached meditation is accentuated in an environment of sacral architecture. We join the individual images into the sequence of the actual story by following mirror fields in the object. The reflection is an image of the illusion of reality, a glimpsed fragment of the apparent whole. Therefore, the object can be perceived more as an illusory peephole into our projected imagination than a mediating and recording medium of the observed reality.

STAY TUNED / 2016 / Site-specific installation / Buňka Gallery, Ústí nad Labem / 31. 5. - 20. 6. 2016

FROM SUNRISE TO SUNSET / 2016 / video installation / paper model, digital animation / Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín / Exhibition ORBIS PICTUS PLAY Zlín / 20. 5. - 18. 9. 2016

CARPE DIEM / 2016 / photograph, billboard / Billboart Gallery, Ústí nad Labem

8Gallery / exhibition of paintings and drawings / 25.9. - 16.10.2015.

ANOMALY / audio-visual spatial installation / Cube x Cube Gallery / 12.7. – 14.9.2014 / Site specific installation is composed of four video installations and together creates one environment. The luminous phenomena observed in the natural environment are mutating into irregular configurations of video and audio resonances. Parameters of known reality deviate from the general rules and goes beyond range of normal values.

SIDE EFFECT / Site specific installation - video, four-channel sound / House Gallary in Broumov /28.6. – 10.8.2014 / Audio-visual installation explores the meaning of the term absence in relation to the work of art. Absence in this case means elimination, or rather the non-publication of that part of the work, which is usually considered as a priority in terms of presentation and perception, and conversely accentuates the only side-effects such as drop shadow, or surround sound. In the projection we see only moving shadow, which gives us the current position of the imaginary object in the layout of the space, as well as we hear an acoustic signal, which refers to its current orientation in space.

PERMANENT ILLUSION OF STABILITY / 2013 / video installation – chair, light and shadow / Chair as a practical object represents a static form. Its immobility is interrupted by variable frequencies of drop shadows, which activate strength of form in elastic movement. The ambivalent relation of the physical and digital environments relativizes state of calm and generates the illusion of unstability.

SOURCES OF SIGNALS / Cooloredo-Mansfeld Palace, City Gallery Prague / 8.11.2013 - 9.2.2014 / Physical phenomena and processes, such as gravitation, statics, sedimentation, orientation of sound in a medium, or mechanics of celestial bodies, are presented here as sources of signals emitted by lightacoustic installations. Set against the background of empirical cognition and an illusion of a dynamic reality, established phenomena of the threedimensional world are transformed into computer-generated digital constructions which reflect the physical dimension of reality. This series of five realizations makes up a complex site-specific installation arranged in a pattern based on correlations between the individual parts’ spatial and semantic dispositions, and in correspondence with the disposition of the gallery space as a whole. In an environment structured along these lines, the spectators will find themselves confronted, for instance, with an image of a landscape multiplying in the form of sedimented data (Sedimentation, 2013); an object whose immobility is disturbed by an element of constant activity which relativizes its stability (Permanent Illusion of Stability, 2013); or a case of mechanics of the cosmic order mutating into variable frequencies of the lunar phases (Night Butterfly, 2012); or another, where acoustic signals stream across a defined space, following irregular trajectories, their motion enhancing the spatial perception of an ambient sound installation (Trajectories, 2013); or again, an instance of virtual particles of digital light set in three synchronous projections attacking the physical dimension of the gallery space (Sonar, 2013). On the border between reality and fiction, archetypes of what is seen as established reality in global dimensions thus morph into hypothetic models reduced to local scales. The project links up loosely with the exhibition Datascape, 2012, mounted in Galerie Emila Filly, Ústí nad Labem.

Waves / 2013 / audio-visual installation, video projection, eight-channel sound / with P. Mrkus / The North Bohemian Gallery of Fine Art in Litoměřice / 20.6. – 22.9.2013 / Waves refers to the specific way that energy is rhythmically transmitted through matter or space, in oscillations, vibrations or surface deformations. Sound and image create an autonomous environment where there is a coalescence of synesthetic visual and audio field produces by motion. The starting point is the repeating rhythm of ocean waves, which is the basis for a sound wave that deploys the frequencies of overtones to spill over and vibrate through a space, modelling its parameters and producing a physical sensation of anchoring a person in space and time.

Datascape / Emil Filla Gallery in Ústí nad Labem / 18.10. – 21.11.2012 / Exhibition Datascape is conceived as an environmental installation consisting of five realizations. The motives of natural processes are transformed into audio-visual simulations and original bases known facts are amended in hypothetical models. On the border between reality and fiction creates a common space of empirical knowledge and the illusion of dynamic reality.

BOOT_AUDIOVISUAL / / since 2008 in collaboration with Pavel Mrkus in audiovisual project / PUBLIC AV PERFORMANCES AND FESTIVALS : 2009 BOOT 003009, Electronic Music Minimarathon, New Music Festival, Ostrava / Landschaft, National Gallery, Prague / Moving Artist, Motorenhalle, Dresden / Transmissionscheibe, Ekotechnicke Muzeum, Prague.

NEURON / light permanent installation / White Led Modul System / in collaboration with Pavel Mrkus / 2009 – 2010 / Faculty of Art and Design in Ústí nad Labem.

THERE / Gallery (A)void, Praha / 21.9. – 7.10.2009 / DVD video, sound, projection 360° - 20 min loop / Project is the intersection of audio and visual events that I recorded in the immediate vicinity of the gallery. The final form of audiovisual installation is concentrated impression of the place on the waterfront. Meaningless rhythm of everyday life flowing at regular intervals.

RESPECT OF PRIVACY / Gallery Vernon Project / 14.11.2008 – 6.1.2009 / / The acronym “MYOB” stands for the English phrase “Mind your own business“. This lexical statement, which in Czech means “Hleď si svého” or also “Co je ti po tom”, demands respect for privacy. Acronyms are mainly used in written communication. They are extensively employed by internet users, especially while chatting or in communications programmes, etc. MYOB belongs to the group of most used shorcuts. This can refer to the lack of privacy in life today or it can also indicate that privacy is one of the most cherished values in today’s communication society.

DEARTISATION / Prague Museum Night 2008 / National Gallery in Prague / Veletržní Palace / AV mix of details of artefacts from exposition in National Gallery created in real time / with Pavel Mrkus

PICTURES AND YOUNG ARTISTS / Church of St. Simon and Jude / multimedia project, 1:54:53 min. / Prague 2008 / / Gesture of musicians playing the musical instrument is an unique expression of mental and physical experience, which is in a perfect harmony with interpreted music. The main idea of multimedia project was to respond to musical manifestation by an authentic transfer of details of musicians´ gestures in the real time.

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions / with Pavel Mrkus ( / KUNSTHALLE OF DRESDNER KUNSTVEREIN ( / 7.12.2007 – 31.01.2008 / The exhibition was composed in correspondence with the space of the kunsthalle. It reveals on its two floors with different light and spatial quality. The first level is darker and therefore dedicated to light and video installation. The second floor is lit by natural light which is a good setting for display of paintings and digital prints. ICUAW is an installation work created of fluorescent light tubes and roller blinds. The letters forms an acronym of a sentence I See You Anywhere. Roller blinds represents windows expressing the model of boundary situation between private and public space.

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions / installation of paintings

RECONSTRUCTION / The Prague Contemporary Art Festival / TINA B. 2007 - THE SECOND EDITION /12.9.-20.10.2007 / / The Reconstruction project examines the relationship between an artwork and its environment. The central motif is the Baroque sculpture "Vision of St. Luthgard" by Matthias Bernard Braun. Both the original and the copy of this artwork may currently be seen at different locations in Prague. Because of major deterioration, the sculpture was moved from Charles Bridge to the National Museum's Lapidárium. Here, the closed space alter the perception of the work, originally created to be located outside. The viewer's perception focuses on the artwork itself and its religious implications. The new sculpture now located on Charles Bridge, surrounded by an aura of media sensation, loses its intimate aspect. The freshness of the statue reveals that the original has been replaced by a copy and its appearance gives the impression of a prop illustrating local history. My installation compares both these situations, aiming to clarify the relationships between the sacral and the profane in relation to the environment. The work reconstructs the baroque statue in the Lapidárium, partially covering it in by the authentic representation of the statue on the Charles Bridge.

RECONSTRUCTION / billboard printed on mesh, scaffolding, sound / 400 x 300 x 200 cm

GARDEN / Gallery die Aktualität des Schönen…, Liberec / 31.1.-23.2.2007.

GARDEN / from the vernissage / music performance Michal Cimala and Adam Stanko

SHIFT / Synagogue - Centre of Contemporary Art, Trnava / 22.4. - 17.6.2005 /